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what ever its done its over. I would have kept victors bike in the stands but your not aloud to. I was told by many people he did it and they saw him. The parent that had it on video was from sc so its not like I can just post it up. They stopped me when I was going to andy. Like I said I wouldnt have thought he would do somthing like that. Victor has known him for awhile and has raced him many times.
Also yhea I did post it up when victor was threatened by the older rider and what did he get for suspended from the eht track. what did the guy get the same 30 day suspension. No one stepped up and said the guy was in the wrong they all let us deal with it and thats why my whole family got suspended from our home track. Its nice that a guy from NY got a 30 day suspension from a track that he said he was never going to return to anyway.
I never said it was menardo simmons did I. Why are you bringing him up?
So according to you we only have like 10 people who saw him play with a bike and a video of his back to the bike. Ok im sorry for what ever happened. Is that better.

congrates to everyone who made their mains and represented nj in a good way.
there thread over