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We have a bunch of national trophies from the past 6 yrs that are just sitting in boxes. I know on a local level they sometimes let it go and let them race. The main thing is that alot of the riders out there that arent 16 yet dont have a large class in the state and want to race bigger motos. Look at this years expert classes all of the classes are going to be small. If there was a future pro class we wont be able to limite it to just experts. Theres alot of girls that always wana race the boys and even in the 16 & over open theres girls that race it. Its just somthing that victor brought up yesterday when I was talking to him about why he always wins motos at big races but blows up in the mains, and thats becuase he never gets to race a full gate except for nationals. This would be a chance to bring more excitment to the younger riders in the 15 & under group. Plus it would be able to get them ready for the 16& over open when they are old enough.
I know it has to be brought up at the meeting, but if theres enough people that think it would be a good idea than what if we brought it up as a group. im going to talk to mike and see if we can do one at the jackfrost in march.