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I didnt say I have the video, i said I saw the video. When I was rushing around trying to figure out what was going on a parent that was filming their kid cought it on tape and showed me. It is at the bottom right corner but is still in plain sight. The only thing that is not in plain sight is who it was. That is where witnesses that saw the kid around his bike and playing with his front tire came in. Ive seen it done where it has taken a few minutes to blow out. The only way itl blow out right away is that if you stab it all the way through the tire and tube. If you get it through mostly the tire it wont blow right away.
Wow I didnt know I would be bashed for bringing up someones tire beeing slashed. Where was this site when we first started racing 6 years ago. people would have a bunch of questions and know why bmx has gone down hill so bad. I wish you were around last year when my 13yr old brother was beeing theatened to get killed by a 36yr old man at eht. Then someone would have maybe stepped up and said it was wrong instead of ignoring it.
Lets hope this isnt what people see when they tune in to the olympics.

I don’t think that anyone has bashed you. You posted on here that you know who the person is that slashed your brothers tire and then you say you saw the whole thing on video. Now you say that you can’t see who it is and that people say they saw the person around his bike.

Do you understand that anyone could have done it. I wasn’t there but why would you come on and accuse someone of something that you did not see them do.

I don’t remember anyone posting on this site when your brother was threatened that they thought he deserved it or say anything bad. Once again I was not present to the event but I still do not think that it was appropriate that a man would need to threaten anyone that young.