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@bmxer901 wrote:

It is at the bottom right corner but is still in plain sight. The only thing that is not in plain sight is who it was. That is where witnesses that saw the kid around his bike and playing with his front tire came in.

So was it in plain site or not? How can it be in plain sight yet you couldn’t see the person? So then you base what happened on second hand information?

Let me get this straight, you see Victors bike in the corner of a video as someone is panning around the track following a race. You see a mysterious shadow near one bike in the middle of hundreds and then ask the 50 people walking around down there if they saw anyone in the area.

Works for me. 🙄

Both my brakes and Farsides mysteriously came apart this weekend (mine on the track and his in staging) but you don’t see us hitting sasquatch with the alien anal probe. And yes, if I had video of the probing or Brett in a mini skirt I would post it.

If you are going to call someone out you better have some irrefutable proof our your going look like a ID10T.