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Yes Brett, there is a moderator for HCBMX.
he was fixing an Exchange server and could not be here any sooner.

People, please do not bash HCBMX, or the people who are currently in charge of the track.

We all have our opinions on what should or should not be done or how they should or should not go about doing it.

As far as i know, after the banquet there is an open forum for suggestions for next year. The word being open, to me, translates to anyone who wishes to help.

Also, I have been told that the banquet was suppose to be held at Shields Skate park but the owner refused Matts reservation because of the number of people he wanted to have attend the banquet. That requested number of people would have forced the owner to close the place to the public for that alloted time period and he did not want to do that.

Matt is suppose to call me sometime this week.

Post any questions in this thread for me to ask him if you wish.

** NOTE** i am not on the board for HCBMX. I have simply asked Matt & Jeff and have been granted permission to post items for HCBMX in this section of BS.net