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good research chick – except that the TEAMS were represented. That is like saying the eagle players had a say because the team was represented. no the nfl was formed by owners, not players. Ant, what is the obsession with me getting on the track? In my (ignorant) opinion, that should not matter. As for freestyle contests, maybe they are run by riders but it is not the same. Racing is the only sport where 5 y/o kids compete on the same surface at the same events as pros. And before you say it, no I dont see Scott C. entering an event at Hackettstown. Who is the state freestyle champion? Who is the Incline club champion? See, there is a big difference. Al I was trying to point out is that you cannot give everyone a voice – it just doesn’t work, and when that voice differs depending on age and profficiency it gets even worse. So only some riders are going to have a voice?
Dave, maybe you are right after all, maybe I need to be a “lurker” as I seem not to be on the same page.