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( Maybe Brett listening to the Bee Gees)

Hey there’s always time to bust my balls, LOL.

I will be at the flatland contest on the 25th.
I will be at the state race tomorrow.
I will be at the park comp tomorrow.
I will be at the GH clinic next week.

It’s all BMX man.
Good ol Bob Osborne was smart enough to change bicycle motocross action to BMX Action, cause he knew what it was about.

Actually the above 4 statements are why I personally don’t use clips, (plus I’m REAL uncoordinated, figured I’d get there before Bill did, lol) I switch up what I do alot so pedals would seperate it too much.
What’s funny is that I ride with a pedal with a more aggresive peg stud on them for a race bike and less aggresive one on my freestyle bike, so I can move my feet easier, LOL.
No, long peg pedals in freestyle?