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@bmxmom156 wrote:

“If rundown becomes shutdown, then there is nothing to do about it”

this is what is called apathetic attitude… and personally i am really suprised that anyone with a long history in bmx would say this, no less a rider….

For a guy who likes to flaunt his “historic footprint” on the sport this is an ass backwards statement. I do not race anymore but I remember my first race at Flemington 20 years ago this summer. Shame on the bob t and the NBL dont forget kids Flemington NJ was the home of the NBL for a short time and one of the longest running tracks in the country that never shut down. It makes me happy to see all the old skoolers coming back to the sport either by themselves or with families but dont forget that big gap inbetween you were not around and the good people who did a lot when you were not there. I agree with bmxmom dont forget what you already have. It would be great to have new tracks but all three barely get by now. Lets not Forget Stevie Bevins who brought that track back to life in the mid 90’s the man died and had his ashes placed in the garden next to the starting hill. That statement literarly steps on his grave. Howell right now is the zenith of NJ bmx the best its ever been period but Flemington in mid 90’s is the BMX I loved and will always remember.