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It is as simple as that.
I swear it was.
But everyone blew things up because of egos, that is as Dave would say, fo sho.
I gotta know who all these other older riders were that came in like gangbusters and then faded out. Does anyone have names? I heard the same thing from Linda.
If the people in charge of NJBMX treated anyone even remotely like they treated me and for that matter my g/f, I could see why they came in all stoked and left saying forget this. My g/f won’t even come to the track because of what happened to her. I see a lot of bright spots out there, yourselves included, Debbie, Tom and the gang but all it takes is a few vocal people who treat new people unfairly and the newbies will not return.
Dang, peeps, you’ve all told me your stories of the totally uncool stuff that has happened in the past at these tracks and you think that does not have an effect on turnouts? I don’t get it, and then you turn a blind eye.
If you see something that is going on that is wrong you must confront the people doing wrong somehow. Jeeshush!

I don’t know…
More places to ride sounds like a good idea to me.

Does everyone here want more places to ride or less?