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I take it Rich knows Tommy…lol.
Ya see, what I would like to happen is have..
Tommy and Rich at a state meeting.
Yea, that would be fun..
Clips, no clips,
full face, no face…hmmm
For anything to change or be discussed you have to be “in charge”.
I hope you guys are all willing to step up and get officials licenses (nbl requirement to move up the “ladder”) so that you can make change.

The thing that I see here is everyone who gets on this site has the ability to disagree and then compromise with their eye very much on “WHAT IS GOOD FOR ALL BMX RACERS”. Not just what they personally want to see, or what is good only for their kid.

And I am sorry to say this, but it is, in my opinion, part of the reason that racing has fallen to the wayside and constantly has up and down swings.
The people doing it must be completely in charge of it. I have personally seen parents dismiss, as in not pay attention to, their own kids when the kid is giving his opinion on what the track should be like. Then these same parents turn around and say, “it’s all about the kids”. Well…if it’s all about the kids, WHY DON’T YOU ASK THEM WHAT THEY WANT TO DO?”
Trust me they know.
And to me quite frankly the only people who know what it feels like to be that kid, are the people who were already kids when they were doing this.

Now, our current state commissioner and his assistant are two guys who I know understand all these things, because everytime we come up with something, they say,
Sure, Let’s do it, and I don’t see a problem with that.
But we need more guys to actually do things.
And most importantly we need more guys out there applying for officials licenses.
So that when guys like Scott and Vanuch need a break from listening to us bitch, we can move on up and be commisioner or asst or secretary or treasurer or clerk or whatever needs done.

Who here will be at the next state meeting that will, undoubtedly begin to lay the groundwork for the 2008 season.
I never played stick and ball sports, so I never got into that whole “drop the ball” thing.
But I do know how to pedal my ass off, boost and hope I make it to the other fucking side in one piece. (well, I used to at least, those 2 diggers at Howell last year sorta took some fight out of me)
So who on this site is ready to do some freaking pedaling instead of coasting and seeing who else is in the lead?