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ok let me pose another question,why do I have to wear a full face helmet?some tracks wont let you race without them.The answer is because they are safer.Letting people use clipless peddals and at the same time tell me I have to wear a full face is hypocritical.I dont care if you are a pro or a novice,bottom line is everybody crashes,and clippless peddals will cause more harm then wearing an open face helmet.You know what ?this post started out as a joke,just something to start a conversation,but some of you people are really misguided.I really dont give a frogs fat ass what you ride or wear,that isnt the point.The point is th aba and nbl are not doing all they can to keep riders safe.yeah they tell you to wear a full face helmet but then let you ride clippless peddals on blacktopped berms.STUPID,STUPID,STUPID.and no you dont have to use them to win.If you ride them because everyone else does then I say grow a pair you pansey.Ride them because YOU want to,and let me know what hospital you are going to so I can come by and laugh.