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I have ben reading this topic for a week now. Ok, I do not race bmx now. I race the road, and everyone thinks I am crazy. Yes I shave my legs, not very bmx, ok. Having said that, let me say clips are here to stay. If you want to compete on a national level, YOU MUST USE THEM. All you old school guys have to understand that it is not 1982. Things are much different now. Tracks,tranning everything. When I raced,I did not like them. But to win I had to do it. What is more important than winning? Me and everyone elese had to do it. Now I also agree, that something has to be done about all the novices using them. These guys need to learn how to ride a bike first. In the end,bmx is a great sport. It opened up many doors for me. I got to see parts of the world I would never have seen. Met great people from all over the globe. Won a lot of races,and had the time of my life doing it. This is what we should be talking about. This is the message we should be sending. Its all the good stuff. Not what pedals you use. Who cares? When I was younger New Jersey was putting out some great riders. We had great tracks, and a cool state series. Local races with like 50 motos. I dont know about you,but that is what I want the riders today to have.

Rich…. and yes I will always be a bmxer……