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Since PArider wants some reference from both sides.

I was clipped in for the past two seasons. Raced the NBL national series and the ABA nationals and ended up with plates in both.

I found the clips to be a little too binding for my riding style. I feel more comfortable on flats. I find myself able to ride the jumps and rythms faster on flats since I am not as hesitant and thinking about how much it is going to hurt if I come up short clipped in.

I went to the NC ABA national a couple of weeks ago and transfered out first round racing in flats. I made a ton of mistakes in the main, but that had to do with being off the bike for 8 months and not a pedal issue. I was able to get a good holeshot each time to the first jump.

I think some people are just more comfortable on flat pedals than clips anyways.

How do you think people would react to using weight lifter wrist straps on their bikes so they can get extra pull on the bars?

Same thing with clips.

After trying it for a few years and watching what was happening, I do not see how clips belong in BMX.

I am not going to run around telling people that they can not ride clips (other than my own kid), but I will try to lead by example by showing you can still get it done on flats.

Hopefully one or both sanctions will see the negative impact clips have to the sport and take a stance. If one were to do a poll I would be interested to see the injury to pedal type ratio.

Injuries will still happen on flat pedals, but I bet the degree and frequency of injuries increases when clipped.