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@PArider086 wrote:

i agree with ya on that and more then just the bike, they need to know the gate and jumps first. Yes also only Experts should be the ones able to clip in and not the 10 and under experts. And riders with their own shoes, they can make clip shoes too but know one has “YET”. There are way to many things to happen in the sport to be saying things like that.

And for the Old Schools since you guys like to point things out, how many of you are using a computer from the 80’s, how about a phone or car, prolly almost none of you. and why most likely because new inventions came out and made things better and more competitive.

thalidimide seemed like a good idea at the time,so did asbestos,how about lead paint?these are just a few things that were being used that are now illeagle because they are dangerous,bad analogy.