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my main issue with clips is that they are… well… dorkish.

they look silly.

regardless of how they feel– just not my style– and not alot of people’s style, look how big street and park riding is right now– and even though it was dropped from the x-games–dirt jumping.

they are dressed like they would dress any other day– no slippers, no leathers, just jeans (tight or loose) and a shirt.

i’ve said this before– head to your local trails, or skatepark with your aluminum bike, leathers and clips and see how you get looked at.

you can get away with the bike, MAYBE even the leathers(but i doubt it), forget about clips.

just my opinion, i know racing isn’t about fashion, but look at it from an outsider’s perspective. bmx racing isn’t accepted as a legit spport like road racing is, so we cant pull of the same type of thing like spandex or clips.