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how much is the insurance do you know since its private land?

also the rent is a biggy. if you are talking indoor the heat is a factor i think i remember the indoor dome was costing 10 thous a month for heat! thats insane but it was only used on weekends too! he owned the dome but i dont know what the rent was to the golf course. the place was packed every weekend plus i think they had mtbikers there too in the races which is good.

we need something in the winter months here in nj its every yr someone brings this up. with all the abandoned buildings near newark airport i cant believe someone cant get them to build a track if its not used now then it seems like a no brainer right?

whats that huge indoor bubble thing on rte 31 south on the way to fleminton where the race track/fair used to be? is that like one of those indoor football practice domes like at the meadowlands? thats what we could use…