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I’ve got a set of 11 point antlers sitting on my desk right now. Somebody shot him and didn’t track him. He was in the corner of the woods right by my house. 😥 What a waste. He was there about 2 weeks before I found him when I was setting up my stand. I have to get another doe before I can get my 2nd buck tag. We can only take 2 antlered here and must take 2 antlerless before the 2nd antlered. We can take 10 antlerless. I’m taking them for the meat as things are pretty lean around here this year. I’ll take 9 more does if thats how it works out.

Hey Craig, that dog was barking out both ends. 😆

I’m sending a picture of the antlers from my cell. I’ll post them up in a little bit.