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    Jess. Thanks. I needed a good laugh today. 😆 Love the visual.


    Yeah, I’m not too sure what to do with muzzle loader coming into season on Saturday. I might have to burry the guts in a gun locker and then burry the locker. ❓


    i just burry mine where i kill the deer at

    as a matter of fact im getting ready 2 go get a monster thats around my spot right now

    hopefully he comes 2 my call 2night, normally he doesnt even show anything more than the massive rack on top of his had, and then the white tail as he heads out lol


    But,.. regardless Venison is GOOD EATS!!!

    Bambi Chili rocks!!!


    I’ve got a set of 11 point antlers sitting on my desk right now. Somebody shot him and didn’t track him. He was in the corner of the woods right by my house. 😥 What a waste. He was there about 2 weeks before I found him when I was setting up my stand. I have to get another doe before I can get my 2nd buck tag. We can only take 2 antlered here and must take 2 antlerless before the 2nd antlered. We can take 10 antlerless. I’m taking them for the meat as things are pretty lean around here this year. I’ll take 9 more does if thats how it works out.

    Hey Craig, that dog was barking out both ends. 😆

    I’m sending a picture of the antlers from my cell. I’ll post them up in a little bit.


    GO get a PA License,. head up to the area of Tobyhanna State Park, shouldn’t be more than an hour from Morristown area,.. nice big’uns there!!


    hey leadsled

    what zone are you hunting in???

    im in 18

    but my dad shot a real big 8 during buck week and we tracked it forever, and then we couldnt find it. but on friday we got a call from a guy from hook and hoof saying that they found a big 8 laying in the state pond drive, and that they heard my dad shot at one, so theyre going back to get the horns tomorrow i think, but ill put some pics up when i get some


    I’m down in Maryland in Zone B. They are like rabbits down here. It is a rifle only area except for shotguns with slugs. No buckshot allowed.

    I tried to get my phone to send to my work address but I think they have it filtered. I’ll send it home and upload it tonight.


    Man Hits 7 Legged Deer,.. Yes, he ate it!!
    from Foxnews.com

    FOND DU LAC, Wis. â€â€Â￾ Rick Lisko hunts deer with a bow, but got his most unusual one driving his truck down his mile-long driveway.

    The young buck had nub antlers â€â€Â￾ and seven legs. Lisko said it also had both male and female reproductive organs.

    “It was definitely a freak of nature,” Lisko said. “I guess it’s a real rarity.”

    • Click here to visit FOXNews.com’s Natural Science Center.

    He said he slowed down as the buck and two does ran across the driveway Nov. 22, but the buck ran under the truck and got hit.

    When he looked at the animal, he noticed three- to four-inch appendages growing from the rear legs. Later, he found a smaller appendage growing from one of the front legs.

    “It’s a pretty weird deer,” he said, describing the extra legs as resembling “crab pinchers.”

    “It kind of gives you the creeps when you look at it,” he said, but he thought he saw the appendages moving, as if they were functional, before the deer was hit.

    Warden Doug Bilgo of the state Department of Natural Resources came to Lisko’s property near Mud Lake in the town of Osceola to tag the deer.

    “I have never seen anything like that in all the years that I’ve been working as a game warden and being a hunter myself,” Bilgo said. “It wasn’t anything grotesque or ugly or anything. It was just unusual that it would have those little appendages growing out like that.”

    Bilgo took photos and sent information on the animal to DNR wildlife managers.

    John Hoffman of Eden Meat Market skinned the deer for Lisko, who wasn’t going to waste the venison from the animal.

    “And by the way, I did eat it,” Lisko said. “It was tasty.”


    Hey Jess, it is shot gun only here, slugs or shot, and they are plentiful, but you almost have to carry the damn book with you for each zone, so you know what you can shoot, when.
    And the mutts at it again


    Ours is pretty easy. You can use any rifle that generates 1200 ftlbs or more muzzle pressure. It can have an ulimited size clip (100 round drum etc) as long as you do not put more than 8 rounds in the gun. No fully automatic rifles.

    Weapon regulations:


    And for your doggie:

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