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just a quick question. I hope that you guys have looked into or thought about other racing programs for the rookies/novices if you want to take away them beeing able to do nationals and regionals. Yes when they sandbag its a BIG problem. But what about the others that give it there all every single moto they do. Is everyone forgetting that they are the ones that grow up and turn into pro’s. I can tell you right now that the nbl will do nothing about this matter. Resently i brought up sandbagging to bob T. and Dave M. at the constitution classic. The reason was becuase of back at the freadom national the national #1 rider told everyone that he had to sandbag so he could stay #1, so he stopped on the track and fell over. everyone in the moto protested it by coasting accross the line and then protested him. becuase of that everyone got a move up.
with all of the rookies/novices that race the experts and pros alone wont be able to hold enough motos to keep it going.