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Dave is right in that we should have fun…hell we always have fun..
But it is time for the older riders to step up and become the ones who run BMX racing, it is what happened in BMX freestyle and look where that is.
At some point in your life you have to take responsibility for the things you care about.
It’s about time we did.
Does anyone here believe that a person who is over 60 years of age WHO HAS NEVER RIDDEN has a clue about how we feel about this whole BMX thing?
Do you think they know what it felt like to be beaten for a main position by one spot and feel that?
Do you think they know how it felt to get pimped in that turn, “cause you just turned x-pert and needed your welcome to the big boys initation?”
Do they know how it feels to work your ass off on promoting something and making something then having SOMEONE ELSE tell you what you should be doing with it?
No, no more. Generation X started this as kids and we are going to fix it as adults.
we are gonna have fun doing it, it’s been fun so far hasn’t it?
Who here has been having a good time because you finally have a place to come and share your thoughts and views without fear of censorship?