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For the record,1;I take no pleasure in the fact that it has come to this.2; I still,and always have loved BMX. 3;even though I am focused on road cycling I will ALWAYS be a BMXER at heart. It was after all BMX that made me the cyclest I am today. 4; the comments I made at the begining of the year were out of anger. I in no way wanted to insult anyone,or step on any toes. That being said, now any help I can provide would be my pleasure. Seeing BMX grow would be great. Who knows mabey I will race 25 nationals again. Lastly,Brett, your right Warnickie would never have put up with this. Had he ben here it never would have come to this. That man was a real leader. Who knows where we would be today?

Good luck at the grands everbody