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The ICA was a sanction that was formed back in 1992 or 93, I dont really remember. It was cutting edge thinking in those days. The program was way different than the aba and the nbl. On the pro side, each pro did a time trial,one lap of the track, best time won. Each pro was introduced, sponsors named. It was cool. The purses were also big. I think the pro dug it. The other thing was the format of the race. Normally the race starts and they run through all the classes. ICA had time slots for all the classes. Like experts ran from 9 till 10. Then girls from 10 till 11, cruiser 11 till 12 etc. It was cool, you knew what time to be there, and it was run quick. I dont remember if the mains were run together or not. Also the awards were cool , placques and a guy was there and ingraved your name on it. It only lasted like 3 natinoals,dont know what happend.