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I have to say that reading all of this stuff is interesting. I love to see people who care try to make a difference. Brett, Dale, Bill, everybody. Its cool. I dont know however what can be done. BMX is a mess right now,both at the nationals,and localy. Going ABA,I dont know, this is always been NBL land. Staying NBL,I dont know,That company is a mess. I am not sure witch one is worse. One thing is true, in 2008 China is having the most important race in history,that alone should make BMX huge. Huge on every leval. I wish I could really explain how bad the NBL really is. My corporation /family has ben giving grant money for 15 years. I dont remember how much,but something like 75000 to 100000 dollars for all kinds of projects. Grass roots, pro purses, track rebuilds, everthing. I think my dad gave personal money to the pro class to pay the guys who did not make it out of the semi one year. Believe me I am glad to help,I want to help, but it did nothing. To this day I have never seen a picture of one of the tracks we have helped. Not one. At the national in Egg Harbor Bob asked for another grant for something I dont remember what. I said OK let me know I will have the money,30000 dollars. I have not recieved a thing, nothing. How can you help a company that cant help itself? I wish I had the answers,I dont. Hopefully change can happen.

Good luck Brett