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You make excellent points as well, but the only way to change things is to start with those listening the least. Unfortunately that’s the nbl right now.

Me no care, Dale not spell so good , him good guy with best interests of BMX at heart.
Anyone who wants to talk to someone who loves this freaking sport should sit down with Dale sometime.

Dale you also make a super excellent point….
there may be some parent out there disagreeing with you, but isn’t the word of someone who has raced and ridden almost their whole life (YOU) a bit more valid than a parent who only has the best interest of their own child and not the sport as a whole in mind.

That is what this whole thing is beginning to come down to.

What is best for BMX, not the nbl, aba, me, you, susieq, (it ryhmed I can’t help it) and the only way to make happen for BMX what is best for BMX is if the riders get in control of it.
I’m sorry if THAT offends anyone.