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@Caveman wrote:

And what the hell is this about crazy Craig slamming into an RV? I’m picturing it looney tunes style where Craig slams into the RV so hard he goes right through it and you see a hole in the shape of Craig on the side.

Dave – I definitely got my bell rung – but nothing like Eddie H. But, I did survive the wreck, got up (after 5-10 minutes – figured everyone could use the rest) – and finished the moto.

When I got up for my next cruiser moto I look out at the RV and now the door was open! I thought “hey, they left it open this time so I can jump right through” 😀

Would you believe I won the next moto – and went on to win the 35+ Novice main? I went 2-4-1-1 for the day and led every moto at some point or another. Came back for third on Sunday – I had nothing left in the tank. Oh yeah, slammin the RV didn’t help either – I was a little sore – pulled out of cruiser and just raced 20 on Sunday.

Yeah, yeah Bill, I hear ya saying “ya shoulda raced Ex”. Give me time. After reading all this – do you think they want me up there yet? I think they’d like me better if I shake some more rust off first. But hey, I got 2 move up points, 18 more to go.