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Prime example.. This last weekend my son goes down to EHT for the double race. He is the only 8 Rookie. So they bump him up to 9 rookie. These 2 other kids in 9 rookie has clip pedals and 1000 dolar bikes. I ask them how long they ahve been racing. Both of them said alittle over 3 years!!!!!! One of them was #1 Regional, He then proceeds to tell me that he is waiting until after the National He will go up to NOVICE!!!! The kid was fast but after the last corner just sat down and let the other kids pass him for the wins. Come on now parents, this is absurd! My son is just begining and only raced 3 times. He has gotten faster each race but nowhere what he will have with 3 years of expierence that these kids have. I raced in ABA like some of you and they went by AGE!!! If you were a 9 Intermidate there was no-way you were wining the state title for 9 year olds.. My son would be proud to be a 8 NOVICE. He would never, nor would I ever condone him to sandbag a race so he couldn’t go up.