Before BMXNJ Ma…WAY before BMXNJ Magazine there was 1 issue of another glossy magazine based out of NJ and that mag was named, BMX Madness. Only 1 issue of the magazine was made, in 1984 and didn’t really feature much BMX in NJ beyond a cover with NJ Legend Jarrett Justice and coverage of the Iron Man Classic in Howell. Lost to the annals of history it just so happens that your esteemed and highly undecorated editor has a copy here at BMXNJ HQ. There’s been a little talk about this since BMXNJ Magazine started so I took the time out to scan our copy in and put it up here in pdf form for everyone to see. Pictured to the right is the cover featuring Jarrett and in the following paragraph is the link to the pdf. Peruse at your leisure. BMXNJ we know the real history, not the freaking mystery….