Mission Statement

The UBMXRC has been established to give the most important people in Bicycle Moto Cross racing aka BMX, a voice to put forth their ideas and opinions in a clear and concise manner. These people are the riders themselves. In doing so, we hope to effect positive change in the marketing and management of BMX in general. The UBMXRC is comprised of both, professional riders along with veteran riders and we welcome input from all sources, such as track operators, parents, and volunteers. It will be the sole responsibility of the UBMXRC to put forth all ideas and goals of our organization.
Set forth below is the beginning of what the UBMXRC hopes to accomplish in their drive to make BMX the publicly recognized and revered sport-lifestyle it should be.

Overall Goals
BMX should be recognized as an adult activity as well as its current kid’s only marketability.
By changing how BMX is marketed you will expand the base of rider involvement and break the cyclic nature of riders leaving at a certain age.

Local Goals
Beginner programs shall be improved to promote BMX at the local level.
Beginners shall have a more clearly defined, time definite, as well as award only, path to move to the novice level.
Local tracks shall be made more new rider and/or parent friendly, not in so much as track design itself but more in having a clearly defined beginner area for information.
Older expert level riders shall be given a chance at different incentives to stay actively involved in the local scene, i.e. scholarships, and “purses”.
A local level “marketing plan”shall be designed and implemented, i.e.: newspaper write-ups, cable access shows, safety and riding demos at local events and schools, and a local business “outreach” program.
Implementation of a program to effectively utilize the local track builders to make yearly track changes easier.

National Goals
Performance enhancing hardware, i.e. clip pedals, shall be regulated so that the proper classes of riders are using them. Barring this change a decision should be made on whether or not to allow clips at any level.
A more manageable and marketable amount of National level races should be implemented to allow for a more “truly competitive” field of riders to be present at an event.
National level events shall be Novice, Expert and Pro level only.
National awards shall only be given on an Expert and Pro level.
Professional and Expert level riders at the National level should be racing on National level tracks designed for the event.
Pro riders should be treated as such and be showcased in a proper manner.
Pro riders concerns should be listened to and utilized to effectively promote the sport.
Pro classes will be recognized cross sanction, i.e.: A Pro, B Pro, and Masters. Current pro rankings are confusing and only lead to more confusion by people outside of BMX.

International Goals
The UBMXRC will gladly consult with International Level Event Organizers in an effort to effectively promote the sport.

BMX was started by and continues to be pushed to its limits by the riders. No marketing, sanctioning organization or event has made BMX into the incredible draw that it is today at all “extreme” contests. The BMX riders themselves have done this for the love of the sport. As such, it is time that these riders are now given direct access to communicate and work with all those in charge of BMX related activities.
The UBMXRC shall endeavor to choose a group of individuals who through their experience, knowledge, wisdom and love for the sport of BMX truly represent most riders and will attempt to move the sport forward in the best interest of all BMX riders.
With these goals and others yet to come, the UBMXRC shall grow BMX beyond what it has ever been before while still keeping the true grassroots, core feel of a sport that has always been all about those who compete in it.

“By the riders, for the riders”