Before Phil Delizia, before Brian Shute, before it all. There was a group of dudes who met on a weekly basis in Millville New Jersey to race their BMX bikes. The year was 1976. One of the riders was Dave Dechert. Dave went all the way and became the first Pro from NJ to win an A (today’s Elite) Pro main in the NBL. The segments that will appear on here will showcase his story, which could be any BMXers story. From the first days of modified Stingrays, to Charlie Litsky to the friends and tales of being on summer tour up to beating the legends of the day, like Perry Kramer and Eric Rupe. This is Dave’s story. Everything that we are doing in NJ today can be traced back 32 years to these days. Thanks to Dave Dechert for taking the time to let the world know of NJ’s history in the sport of BMX. Without further yapping, here is Part 1 of The East Coast Is The Right Coast.