I was off playing, “I wanna be a freestyle guy” but racing was still going full bore in NJ. My friend from those days, Tom Nieradka, gave me a bunch of videos from those years back when I was looking for my HVTT videos. I’ll be adding 15-25 minutes of these videos over the next few months. Expect quite a lot of these as I have hours of footage. To start with this is the NJ Open at Deptford in 1985. The ABA “pre-race” back then. I think it is the first or second moto in this video where in the last turn, the guy in 3rd finds a line and blows into first place…and that is just the beginning of what kind of racing you will see. Other riders in these videos as we go along will be Clay Goldsmid, Brian Shute, Ronnie Anderson, etc. The tracks are quite different as well. Ok, as promised, video one from the now legendary Deptford “Dust Bowl” BMX.