Coming at ya from the streets of Union, NJ. 

I was contacted on Facebook a few weeks ago from a dude who was asking if we did product reviews. Well, it was definitely new territory for BMXNJ and I said sure why not. What’s kicking? Turns out that the product was actually from a new company in New Jersey called donnyboy . Started up by Donny Tomace in 2009, he decided to take his 15 years of BMX experience to the next level and start a clothing and softgoods company. Right now they are producing 19 different wallets, 9 different shirts and some different colored wallet chains. Besides just being a NJ based company, Donny has managed to get his goods produced here in the USA, with the wallets and chains being put together in Michigan and the shirts in Staten Island. I talked with Donny a bit on FB and he offered up a wallet and T for BMXNJ to check out, which leads us  to this here product review.

I scanned the  website and asked Donny to send on over a Revolutionary wallet and black louie t.’s BMXNJ so you know we had to roll with anything that has “revolution” attached to it. We received the product on Thursday and took the weekend to put it through the paces.

First up was the Louie-T. Though I’m not quite sure where the name came from, the design is pretty cool and I let the little lady of BMXNJ take the shirt out for a test drive. She liked the style and fit, and was impressed by donnyboy’s use of American Apparel tees. Definitely a quality shirt. She rocked the shirt through the weekend then we threw that mug in the brand spanking new BMXNJ hot red washer and dryer set up. (honest, I am not lying we just bought a new washer dryer…um…yea, ya get older and washers and dryers excite ya…but anyway) We dropped that mug in there on a rough wash and dry cycle and I’m stoked to say that the shirt came out just as crisp and bright as when we got that mug. Excellent job on the quality of the screenprinting ink used. You can scope the shirt hung on the every crazy BMXNJ owner on the side over there. I then had Chrissy check the  website to which she hit me with, “why didn’t you get me the  donnyboy camo t?” Looks like Donny it the mark with the camo t because he even has that one on the site with a babe modeling it. So, we gotta recommend donnyboy’s shirts for the BMXers out there who are looking to rep the core BMX industry.

The wallet though was scarfed up by me. Donny got me at “revolutionary” and I had him send that one out. I had a Bike Summit in Trenton to hit up on Saturday so I got t his just in time to stress test by jamming it in my back pocket and well…sitting on it all day long. First up though was trading this thing out from my current credit and fake cash holder.

For the past couple years I have been rocking a Vans wallet I snagged online from the Vans site which was holding all the BMXNJ finances. It seemed like it was time for a replacement and it looked like donnyboy was gonna be the one doing the replacing. First though we had to swap out all the keys, cards, plastic and dinero from one to the other. Would donnyboy be able to handle what BMXNJ was dragging all over. First up we slipped the BMXNJ license in there, great fit. Next up health, dental insurance and voter cards. (yea…um..rock the vote and all that.) Getting there. Keys to the bike lock. (yea, gotta lock it some time), Credit cards, cash. Good to go. The donnyboy wallet held all the BMXNJ stuff and then some but in real leather style with a BMX bike, BMX logo and historical revolutionary graphic to wrap it all up together. Nice. So off to the Summit the new wallet went. 8 hours of sitting listening and another couple of driving and I’m happy to report that the wallet was still in great shape. The bill holder was also small enough to not have that backbreaking lump feeling on yo behind when you sit down. The wallet definitely says, “I ride”. I went back home got up Sunday morning and had to make that decision to either stick with donnyboy or go back to Vans. … The results of that decision are pictured to the right.

The one thing that will help BMX is more rider run businesses and donnyboy is making it happen. Owner Donny Tomace is another BMXer getting NJ on the map as more than just a place with great riders, it’s a place with all the great BMX companies. Check out their website  for more info on their apparel. donnyboy product will be showing up at Dans, Albes but more importantly donnyboy will be aligning themselves with the local shops in the area over the coming months.So get out there and support the companies that are supporting BMX. Growth in the industry is what we all need and companies like donnyboy are leading the charge.

Ask for donnyboy  apparel at your local shop and if you see Donny Tomace out there, tell ’em BMXNJ sent ya.

Ride that mug…and wear a donnyboy wallet and tee,