Courtesy of my ol bro, Andy Moraller. This is 8mm video footage of the 3rd World Championship in Indianapolis, Indiana. Andy’s Dad was good enough to have an old (then new) 8mm video camera and captured this footage. This is over 31 years old…Andy is actually on there somewhere but there is also a lot of racing action from the OS Pros. Look at the amount of bikes and people just watching in the stands. INSANE! I was there as well but punked out on racing ’cause I decided to go at the last minute and didn’t register. This was the Golden Age of BMX racing. Yea, I know it’s not NJ but it’s history of BMX saved because NJ, once again, gives it their all for BMX.

What ever happened to Andy…well I just saw a new school baby blue PK Ripper he is building up to ride…it never leaves ya. Here’s the footie.

6 8mm minutes of footage from the 1980 Jag World Championships in Indiana. My OS bud Any Moraller got this over to me. Cool that his Dad was into tech back then! 8mm baby! This rocks, I think I see a lot of big names in this…scope it.
Andy at Flemington in NINETEEN SEVENTY NINE!!!