Over the next couple days, I will  be getting the intro premise done for the show. Basically just giving everyone a 3-5 minute heads up on what to expect. This will give a live voice to a lot of the insanity running through my head for BMX. (as well as others, LOL) The show will run the gamut from racing to dirt trails, park to flatland, comps, jams, lifestyle, opinion, rant, comedy, we will be doing it all. First though everyone will get a little more insight into where the head maniac is from.

So look for a short video this week explaining “brokenspokesBMX”. And remember, if you don’t wanna see it, you don’t haveta look.

Oh and the logo for the show is inspired by the movie “Heavy Metal”. A early 80’s fllick inspired by the magazine “Heavy Metal” that wove together a bunch of animated shorts into one long story.

Sorta like this show.

“Letting old BMXers in NJ speak their minds since 2005”