Ok, well maybe the title to this little blurb was a horrendous 60’s pop culture reference but it is correct in context. We’re all pretty used to seeing Scotty, Van, Garrett and the rest of the NJ pros all over Dig BMX and Ride BMX magazine when it is on the newstands but it’s not often that our senior residents get the props for the stuff they do to put NJ on the map. (Besides of course, Doleck being editor of one of those mags and Tunny working at ESPN…but I digress) The man who brought the old school together in NJ, Brian Pleva, not only has a blurb right on the newest issue of Dig but also has a full page devoted to the interior pages in the “Dig This” section. The article has been secured and sent over to BMXNJ for your perusal right here. Do yourself a favor and go out and read an issue of Dig, I know everyone says, “print is dead” but let me tell ya the best stuff will always be out there saved in pulp paper for all posterity. Print’s not dead, it’s just evolving. Check a sample of the evolution, here: