Brother to Pro rider Darryl Tocco, Brett is a mad man on his bike and is making quite a name for himself. He rips at street and park. First time I met the kid, he hopped onto the planter in Deiner Park and whipped off it, first try. First try, who does that? It was insane. I had approached Brett about doing a bike check, but he wanted to wait, because he found out his brother Darryl was getting a signature frame from Kink Bikes. Brett got in touch with me and now his bike is complete and looks so dialed and ridiculously awesome. Take a look at what he rides and some questions after the jump..*Pictures of bike and riding photos in Deiner Park by Jon Stars* **All other riding photos by Dave Raffa**

Brett Tocco
Age: 20
Location: New Brunswick NJ
Sponsors: Darryl Tocco’s trash bin

Bike Check
Frame: Kink Darryl Tocco Signature (Prototype)
Fork: Odyssey race
Bars: Kink Badger V2
Stem: Animal Jumpoff
Grips: Odi Long Necks
Barends: Odyssey Plastic
Pegs: Make you ride slower
Detangler: Good ol’ fashion hands
Headset: Random assortment of Kink parts found in my shed
Clamp: They still make those?
Seatpost: Eclat Complex Seat/Post
Seat: Plastic makes you catch the pedals
Cranks: Profile
Sprocket: Kink Sound
Chain: KMC bad ass
Brakes: Eclat
Cable: Animal Linear
Brake Lever: Eclat
Front Tire: Odyssey custom white wall
Front Wheel: Eclat Teck
Rear Tire: WeThePeople folding
Rear Wheel: Eclat Teck cassette
Pedals: Eclat the metal ones with no bearings, wild

My brake lever is set up on the left side, it just feels more
uncomfortable on that side. I cut a length of grip to cover my brake lever
so I don’t cut my thumb open on it. My seat post is cut super short. I
have profile sprocket bolts holding my front wheel, they just feel
stronger that way. I white-wall my tires myself and I made new bolts for
my pedals to keep them nice and tight.

Which parts do you go through the most?
Tires, wheels and pedals.

Describe your bike setup and how you like your bike to feel.
Low simple and fast.

Do you remember your first “real” BMX bike?
GT Mach1 from the 80’s

Do you have any idea how much your bike weighs?
Haha we actually weighed all of our bikes at work today out of a debate; 22.09

Do you like to work on your bike or have some one else work on it
for you?

I do my own work, I need to know how each part is feeling.

What’s up with that little grip piece on your lever?
Keeps my thumb from being ripped open when I do turndowns, (Thanks Dirty!)

Why do you ride your brake lever on the left side opposed to the right?
Again turndowns, when I was learning that trick my lever slipped into my
right pocket, it was enough to drive me to the other side.

How come you don’t ride pegs?
Taking them off pushed me to ride more of a flowing style. I keep them off
because it feels more natural and less forced than doing peg tricks.

Your setup seems more along the lines of a dirt riding set up, but
I’ve seen you kill it on the streets, have you always run this type
of setup?

I’ve had a few different set-ups over they years; pegs, no pegs, gyro,
straight cable, I even tried the no brakes thing for a few weeks. Like I
said I use to do the tech thing with stalls and grinds and such, bowls
have more soul!

What’s it like getting to ride a prototype frame that was
specifically built for you?

Hahaha Well I didn’t have total complete control, Darryl designed the
frame to his specs and even though we ride differently we’re into the same
things as far as what a bike should and should not have, but knowing that
the frame came from Japan specifically for me is pretty amazing. There
are, as far as I know, only two in existence right now which is the really
mind blowing part. It’ll be cool knowing that my feelings about the frame
will have input on the production model.

What do you like about the frame and what don’t you like about it?
I love the way it feels and looks. It’s got the spanish bottom bracket
going on which is new for Kink. The built-in chain tensioners are coupled
with a 13.5 rear triangle kicks ass because I don’t need to slam my wheel on
the drop outs to hold my wheel at 13.75. The seat tube needs to be dialed
in a little bit. The production model will have removable brake mounts,
Hopefully I can persuade them to put some mount holes on the chain stays.

When will the frame be out?
If I had a dollar for every time I heard that…haha I think they usually
take about a year or so to get out there, right now we’re just trying to
get all the little things dialed in and make sure that everything will be
perfect when it gets out. I’d say ball park, spring ‘10- Winter ‘10
something of that range.

What’s your favorite part about your bike?
I love the way it looks and feels. It’s everything I ask for in a bike and
nothing I don’t.

What’s your least favorite part about your bike?
My forks, the steerer tube needs to be cut and they’re kinda old and
haggard looking, it sucks having a real dialed setup and having that one
part that kinda makes it look shitty.

Any shout-outs/Thanks?
First my parents for always holding it down and supporting everything that
Darryl and I got into. Darryl for being an amazing influence, giving me
his parts when he’s done with them and dealing with my chronic need for
pizza. Jay at Kink for hooking me up with frames and putting me up in
hotel rooms when need be. Sean Harriston for always being down to ride,
party, drive me weird places, and being a really chill roommate! Jon Stars
for taking an absurd amount of photos and helping me make fun of Robbo.
Robbo for letting me make fun of him so much for the past 6 years. Raffa,
Erk, Pat Quinn,  Dylan, and Rape John for accepting Sean and I into their
group of kids and just being solid dudes to ride with. Louis for the
interview and anyone who’s put me up on a sofa bought me a drink, given me
a ride some where, or let me ride their ramps or trails! Keep an eye out
for Breaking Free this Christmas.