After a long day of freezing outside with some of NJ, NY, and PA’s best flatland riders out there in the chilly Asbury Park Casino, I headed back over the Asbury so that I could chill in the Wonder Bar with some of my BMX bros. Mookie was good enough to secure a bunch of prizes for a door prize raffle, it seemed almost everyone who payed the cover charge walked out with more than they paid to get in. The evening bands were Ducks and Drakes as well as Barry and The Penetrators. Both bands kicked some ass that evening and even Hippie Steve was down with ’em both. Attendance was a little lighter than we would have liked but we still had a few guys come out to enjoy the evenings entertainment and refreshments. Hippie Steve Wisbeski from Jump For Joy, Future BMXNJ Magazine photo contributor, ace photog, Mike Kuhn, Area 51 trail master, Brad Gethard and Old School….(Holy sheeot, he IS old school!) BMX rocker and ex Hell On Wheels rider, Bob Ryer with his lady as well as a few other various and sundry BMXers infiltrated the Wonder Bar that evening and had a good time. Since this was sort of a “make up” party for the fiasco that was our Christmas Flatland and BMX party day it was cool just to see it finally happen. Next time around things will be bigger and better and with the ASA BMX Big Air Triples coming to town this year…it may just get that way sooner than we think. Thanks to everyone who came out and had a good time, we’ll see ya at the next event.