Word-em up from “not as” Crazy Craig Wilson about the GHP Atomlab NE Team debut at the EHT NBL Nationals. Thanks to Craig for the content. Peace.
GHP Atomlab Northeast made their official debut at the East Coast Nationals April 14-15. We are a “Factory Supported” team. Our sponsors are: GHP (Greg Hill frame manufacturer); Atomlab (parts manufacturer); Starwin Mortgage Services; Symbiotic Salon Systems (distributor of premium salon products); HRP Designs (number plates); Vaypor Racewear (jerseys); Answer Racing (pants); Bawls (energy drink). These wonderful sponsors helped make “they look like a factory team” possible.
Most importantly, it’s our racers and parents (which in some cases are one in the same) that truly make our team stand out. The number one qualification to be on this team is to have a good attitude on AND off the track at all times.
I would like to congratulate the following GHP Atomlab Northeast racers on their success at the East Coast National:
Ralph Tarzia, Jr.  7 Rookie  1st

Eric Matos  8 Rookie 1st

Billy Wittig 10 Rookie  5th

Lee Matos  15 Rookie  2nd

Jeffrey Eletto à 6 & Under Novice  2nd

Gabe Hatem  6 & Under Novice œ 5th (with his brakes jammed up the whole race!)

Christopher Whiley  10 Novice  4th

Thomas Kuehn  35+ Novice  4th

Haley Godino 5-7 Girls  5th (and she just turned 6!)

Chris Vliet  30-34 Cruiser  4th (raced two classes  and he is the EHT Track director, too!)

Chris Whiley  35-39 Cruiser 6th

RJ Godino  11 Expert  5th

Chris Vliet  30-34 Expert  7th
Almost our entire team was there and everyone had a great time  and in the words of Pooh Bear Pawlowski “we looked damn good!
-Craig Wilson