Ace BMX…ace, Dave Kapigian spent some time in the tax free state this weekend and brought back this report to Caveman lets the ugh’s fly below.

14 AAs, 16 As, 16 Vets and six Girl Pros were there.

Leadslead and Don rounded up a special $1000 holeshot award for the lady pros EACH day. Alise the Beast got it Saturday by one foot over Hayashi. Sunday, they split the pot 750/250 for first and second. Alise got the holeshot and Arielle Martin got second. Alise the Beast pocketed $1750 just in holeshot money for the weekend. Much like Jeff Upshaw and Scotty Cranmer, she used to be on Road Kill. That’s the secret to success boys and girls so go out and order your frame now.

In AA, Bubba, Stumpy, Bennett, DR, Nobles, Becerine, Brabant, Moeller, Caluag, Lange, Rogers, Tyler Brown, and Kenth Fallen were there. Stumpy and Bennett were holeshotting a lot but Bubba pulled anyone and everyone in the rhythm. Don’t quote me on this but I believe he got first both day

What I was interested in was A pro. That was a BATTLE between Delizia and Mike Kapes. The two rookie pros were SMOKING the rest of the class. Unfortunately Phil was choking on the gate so he ended up with third on Sat and second on Sun. When he didn’t choke he holeshotted. Kapes went 1-1-2 both days to win. He was staying at my house so I was rooting for him this weekend. Sorry Phil. Don put up $250 for a single A holeshot award in the third round on Sunday which Phil got by ONE inch.

Chad Street won Vet on Sat and perhaps Carnes got it on Sunday. Mike Gul is back (minus the pony tail) and made the main both days.

Caveman was battling with Cody Smart most of the weekend. Neither of us made the main. Caveman has been battling with Cody Smart for ten years now. Caveman thinks Cody Smart rocks. Cody Smart is old school and Caveman is proud to battle with someone he used to read about in BMXA. Caveman has also been racing Rupe, Madden, Lamoglia, Ham and Carnes for ten years now and wouldn’t have it any other way. Caveman wonders when Farside or Ciancio will move up to Vet. Caveman wonders……
(Caveman likes to talk in the third person)

I was training hard starting in July but I wrecked my shoulder at Egg Harbor and just got back on the bike so that’s my excuse. I got beat at my own track. I got beat on my own gate. 5-7-5 today was the best I could do. Erick, I’ll tell you all about that later. Enough about me.

Mike Gul is a riot. He went from Pony tail to crew cut to shaved head now. We had two full gates of eight in Vet and can you believe Rupe didn’t make the main either day?!?!?! Neither did Madden or Downey. That’s heavy.

I’m watching Farside’s race and hear the announcer say Gorgeous George is in front of him. Holy color control, I haven’t heard that name since 89! Gorgeous George Goodall is back but Farside beat him both days for the win.

In amateur, Jeremy Smith was on the outside coming around the first turn battling for first when he got taken out. That’s okay, he’s still the shizz and if he stays with this stuff, he’ll be the AA everyone is talking about in 2017. I guess saver stamps are worth more than I think because those little ABA kids will KILL for them. Bring your elbow pads.

I don’t know Derosa at all and I don’t even know if he races cruiser but I saw him win 20″ on Sunday. Another potential AA. The next eight years should be interesting.

In 13x, Delaware’s Austin Loebe screwed up Saturday but on Sunday showed his normal self and SMOKED THE LIVING HELL out of 13x. He’s another one that will be AA if he doesn’t give up BMX for football, motocross, cars, girls, UNIX administration, whatever.

14X is a riot. I believe Buck Taylor from Cedar, PA won both days. There’s a six foot ape named Sebastian Torbert in that class that everybody hates. Another one of the Floridians staying with me, Will Grant is way faster than the rest of that class but was choking and couldn’t put it together either day. On Saturday Sebastian tried to put him over the first turn so Will came back and took him out in the second turn. They almost went at it right on the track. We heard about that all night. Too funny.

Kyle Kellner finally put it together and got 2nd in 15x on Sunday. It’s about time ya freak!

17-18X was heavy too. Kelty didn’t get a hot gate but he kept picking people off around the track until the last turn where Travis Jurrell left three inches open on the inside and that was all Kelty needed. Kelty muscled his way in and Jurrell went down in the process. Jurrell was HOT and wanted to fight. His whole team wanted to back him up. Even the moms. It was an aggressive move but that’s BMX. Maybe it was too aggressive. I don’t know what my opinion on that is.

Can you believe Frank Klimecki bought an ABA license for the first time in twenty years and raced. Frank’s no dummy. He won his second round on Sunday and got 2nd or 3rd in the main.

I did not see Cassidy Cox, Taylor Farside or Leadslead race all weekend so somebody else will have to report on them.

I have video of pros and some ams which I will post soon.

Unfortunately it was cold and windy but it was the shizz anyway. All the AAs and Vets looking for a title were there, everybody was raving about the turns, Leadsled and Don did a first and rounded up some holeshot money on their own, everybody was drooling over the motocross and it was ABA so it ran ON TIME.

How do they do that?