At one point, like I and many others have told before, BMX just about died. In the early 90’s the bottom dropped out of the BMX freestyle market, America went to war and some of us were left wondering what would happen to the sport we grew up doing. A few of us didn’t wonder, we took things into our own hands. One group of guys were from the southern NJ area. Calling themselves Forward Motion, they would put out zines, and hold some of the most underground contests of that era in NJ. How underground? How about just rolling up, “we own the place style” and setting up ramps, a PA and just going at it. That’s how they rolled and that is why BMX freestyle continues to this day because of that, “there is nothing we can’t do attitude” of riders back then. I have posted on the front page some of the videos that “Rosie” Roosevelt Taylor has posted of the riders from that era. Here are a few more names that you may or may not remember, Marc Hough, Phil Hough, Pete Welding, Matt Haneman, Mike Piscotta, Brett Crowther, Larry Braun, Chris Falkenstien, Todd Millar, and Ron Hyatt. Pictured to the left is the cover to the first issue of Anarchic Motion Zine, if you click on the picture you can download a pdf of the whole first issue. and on the read more page, is a few more videos from those underground comps of years gone by. Amazing stuff and a killer part of NJ BMXin history. Thanks to Roosevelt for all the videos and for reminding me to check for the zine. Good times back then, good times yet to come!

More video from Rosie. Check the second one for a glimpse of how goofy the guy who runs this place is/was.