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    When are the points and results for round 2 and 3 going to be posted?
    When is Caveman gonna stop being afraid to race Pro and get on the gate?


    Don’t make me ride my BMX bike across the country and beat you with it. 😆
    I haven’t raced yet because I’ve been anouncing. If I don’t go to ABA Vegas or Colorado, I’ll race the next opens.

    I ain’t gonna blame anyone for not getting the points up yet. I’m still procrastinating about putting my video together from my trip to Spain a month ago.

    After Saturday I knew the points went like this

    1. Matt Kelty
    2. Jeremy Knapper
    3. Rich Farside


    yeah dave.. dammit.. at least practice or something..


    They’re coming man!


    So is global warming Brett, hopefully you will have them up before I have palm trees growing in my backyard


    Just trying to push you since your my favorite New Jersey Pro. I understand your trying to be like Doug Luden and own on the race track and in the announcers tower. First the late great Charlie Litsky did both. Then Doug Luden and Frank Klimecki. Now Dave Kapigian. What is it with top NJ BMXers thinking they are all MC BMX?


    Points are up and updated purse as well.
    Video by the end of the week.


    Brett, take your Rittalin, you are all over the place. Stay focused, one thing at a time. LOL


    Wow what an exciting Pro/Am series! Point standings look great Brett.
    Tight race, it looks like any number of 12 or so riders could walk away with a title. Depends on who makes and who misses what races.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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