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    honestly, i am really getting sick of the way kids are treating other riders these days.
    i went to a big venue concert in asbury park and i met someone who rode street up in philly and he asked why my friend and i never go up to philly and i said clearly that we ride flatland and he was like ooooooooooooooh and just walked away.
    when i tell people i ride flatland, i get two different reactions.
    1. “Oh man thats cool as hell, i wish i could do that. I’ll call you sometime to ride, but don’t call me, i’ll call you.” (I never get the call)
    2. “Oh, thats cool.” (Very sarcastically)
    what the hell happened to everyone where it just used to be where it didn’t matter what type of bmx you rode? i miss the good ole days. this is why i have confined my self from other bmx heads here in my area and ride by myself the majority of my time. my one friend that rides flatland now wants to quit flatland and become a flat/street rider like joel moody.
    i mean that is cool as hell, but now i seriously have no one to ride with.
    don’t get me wrong, i think street riding is really awesome. i like to ride street everyonce in a while too, not just every day.
    i have ridden trails, flatland, street, ramps, just never raced. and i’ve done all of those in one day.
    now it seems you have to belong to a different genre in flatland to have friends that ride.
    its like the music scene now. if you listen to indie music or emo music, you immediaelty get pulled into the emo scene or you get called scene.
    i don’t know, i just wish kids would be apperciative of other people who don’t ride street and don’t wear tight pants.

    whatever, i think i’m just going to keep riding by myself. i can’t change anything about this situation. and even by me writing on a bmx message board, it may turn some heads, it may not, but its not going to do anything.

    i just miss the good ole days.


    Lou, it isn’t just that, I have guys that ride mountain bikes in the backyard, and some of the BMX guys look down at them. They ride, whats the difference, and hell they have built more back there lately than the BMX guys


    the good ol days …how old are you and how long have you been riding RIDING changes and so do people…. roll with the trends



    welcome to life

    get over it..


    ah bro, I’ve had so many people who I’ve ridden with through the years.
    To a lot of people BMX is just a trend in their life, something to do for the moment.
    Like skate grommets, or people who follow sport teams. Then there are people who truly do things because they want to.

    BMX is 20-24″ wheel craziness.
    MTB is when you pop on those 26″‘s.

    Never confine yourself to one thing in life, experience what you want, but pick what you love very carefully.

    Very carefully.


    i’m 18 and i’ve been riding for 6 years now.
    oh well.
    roll with the punches.


    get into porn


    screw that crap.
    lets go ride sometime.


    bmx is bmx is bmx. christ i ride with some mtb guys that are far better than most of the bmx video pro out there right now, but they get the funny looks cause they have squeaky brakes and big wheels


    my brakes are squeaky as hell with my new wheel.


    Tell those back flippers to piss off..


    i should.
    good thinking.
    what would i do without this website?

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