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    Does anyone know how Big Vic is doing? I heard he was at the uci race in Michigan, but no one knows anything except he got out of the hospital.


    he was out in michigan for the race but i think they released him from the hosp only for the weekend. i havent heard if he went back in but he is not feeling good at all. please keep him in your prayers. we spent sat with the behms and i hope he takes care of himself and they find out exactly what is wrong. its hard for him to get around and his energy level is next to nothing.

    dosnt one of his sons post here? cj i think? i dont have his email maybe somoene can ask him to post an update if they have his address.


    hey guys,
    As far as I know victor will be at the regional this weekend. When they returned from michigan I was told that he was supposed to return to the hosp for surgery on his stomach. Then I found out monday that he was not going to return becuase they need to do more testing before they can do the surgery. Victor is in seriously bad shape, and we all thank you for asking questions and wishing the best. Im not sure how would feel about it but if anyone would like to find out exactly what is wrong ask this weekend. I’m not sure how he would feel with me posting it up here.


    i would leave that up to him personally…its more of a privacy issue and if he or his wife want to share thats up to them.

    im sure he would appreciate a “hi how are ya” just the same…

    hopefully he will be sitting and relaxing and enjoying the race weekend.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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