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    Ok, as we all know the websites in NJ leave…a bit to be desired.
    Facts and Bill….put the semi-automatic down when I start letting out the facts here, lol!
    1. All the sites are hosted by a company that Jeff Morgan uses.
    2. I don’t know what the monthly charges are but from what I understand from Jeff, they seem very reasonable. (Would be nice to know what njbmx.org’s charges are though)
    3. This is an important one. When I was having a bit of a “problem” with CJ’s site this year, Donna mentioned to Bill, “who’s getting paid to update the site”, Bill said, “Brett is”. Donna asked him, “well shouldn’t he be getting something?” Bill sorta laughed and said, Brett’s not gonna accept any money for what he’s doing. She sorta insisted, but he told her that I’m just gonna say no, lol. (Which I would). The only reason I even mention that is that it made me think, well….geee, is someone getting paid to “work” on the other sites?
    4. Les, is the webmaster at EHT. Everytime I mention the site, they say, well we forget to put stuff up or people need to remind me…etc. Is eht paying themselves to update and maintain a site that does not get updated?
    5. Bill….don’t shoot me…but is Jeff getting paid to update njbmx and hc? Both sites could use a bit of love, Loren keeps stepping up at HC and keeps getting shot down. Why?
    6. The new njbmx site is at this location: http://njbmx.org/online
    Jeff did a lot of the work, I showed him a bit, but in order to finish the site and get things going, we have to ask the board what they want on there and, and this is important, I need a password to get what is called ftp access to the site to tweak the code and upload images and the like. That’s all cool, but I’m still waiting for Jeff to get that to me. I’ve emailed and asked him at every race we go to. And I think Jeff is a good guy but, can someone explain to me why he makes you run in circles for stuff like this?

    Again, you guys know my thing, I’m not into getting paid for this stuff, ’cause I feel like it’s just my time, I love BMX and have fun doing this stuff…Do I have a problem with people getting paid if that’s their thing in BMX, nope…well…. a little, lol.
    But…I don’t wanna pay somebody to do nothing.
    So, I guess this leads me back to , we need to see the books and where the money is going.


    I’m prety sure Jeff isn’t taking any thing other than cost for the sites!!! But I will call about the other thing tommorow!!!!!


    This is what I think a good State site should look like –> http://www.floridabmx.com They have all the info you would ever need.


    yea, I know but no one is listening to ME!


    I heard about Floridabmx.com from someone I just can’t remember who. 😆


    Oh! Pete was just the funny man last night wasn’t he!

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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