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    Not ABA, or NBL, that is what should go through peoples minds here. It came to my attention that Matt Danek recently recieved a packet from the ABA, and the thought was I had someting to do with it. Let me clear a few things up.

    When some of the parents approached me about Diane and I running Flemmington, I GAVE MY WORD, THAT IT WOULD STAY NBL!, second, while at the Disney national, Dan Mooney stopped me and asked what was up and where have I beeb, so I told him about the thing where Diane as we speak my have been elected to the postion of President of an NBL track, an that we had no intention of changing it over, as I gave my word that we wouldn’t. I told Bill Morris the same thing. So I had nothing to do with it, and why would they the ABA send a packet to an outgoing track director that wouldn’t be able to change it, whom they do NOT have his address.

    Matt Danek, you could have called me with this if YOU REALLY even got it. Secondly Matt the non-profit thing, if you are set up as one please just show your letter of determination from the IRS, and put it to bed. The newest rumor is that the track is set up under the Freeholders as a non-profit, sorry but the words “AUDIT”, and “BOOKS” end that rumor. So please as some parents have called the IRS, it’s time for honesty, show us your paperwork. That would have ended everything ages ago.

    Next, I hear that certain people in NJ, want to get rid of Trilogy Park from the state series because they don’t bring anything to the table. Hmm the riders from there mean nothing then, the people from there that came mean nothing. Glenn and all his time with Rich on the Pro-Am means nothing then. Get your heads out of your asses. that track may have saved your state series and you should be thanking them.

    How about rather than thinking on ways to get rid of someone that is putting on a good show (Trilogy Park), coming up with some original ideas to get your own rider loads to come past 4 motos. Wouldn’t that be constructive, rather than destructive.


    Some people in my opinion just don’t like the fact that trilogy shinned better then our Jersey tracks. Well if Jersey stepped it up instead of whining, crying, and complaining rumors like that wouldn’t be started now would they? If your going to complain then get off your a**es and turn your track into something great. Get grants, hold raffles, hold fundraisers. Like it has been said a million times “Stop complaining and do something about it”.


    Wow, this stuff is news to me.
    I gotta say this turn of events is a bit of a bummer.


    A new broom sweeps clean!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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