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    Went to the tour of sommerville today. And In the junior’s race (I think that is what they call it. The announcer askes “how many of you are still in high school?” 99 percent of em raised thier hands!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Now during their race the announcer was giving out prizes,(kinda like our hole shot award) Where the hell is ant going with this.

    I bet all of these kids use to ride thier bmx bikes. Now they are roadies. (For the record I have nothing against em, Hell I respect em alot more after today) Deb, Imagine if we had the same amount of kids at a local race, open’s no damn problem. Maybe we need to start hitting the high schools hard too? I might be wrong, but what if I am not. btw I have a little video of them and i gotta say these kids fly. but i bet Phil could still holeshot em. video later

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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