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    When i got into BMX RACING I did not expect there to be this much crap! When i was a “freestyler” There was never the amount of crap going on that there is in racing. damn I love it but at times i do not even want to get on the gate. But you know what, Since brett got me in this I ain’t going nowhere. I want bmx racing to grow and grow. Alot of you have said “ant dog is on phils jock” but most of you wish you were half as good as him just like i do.

    btw yes i posted aboout being number 2 in the state, and yeah i got razzed for it at the track, thanks dave- but i did it to prove a point, you can still do good without winning.

    Brett thanx for waking me up tonight. I have been afraid to speak my mind, because i did not want to piss people off, well screw em If they do not like what I have to say- confront me do not go behind my back.

    Oh and i have no intention of leaving th e scene for a long time, so get used to it. 😈

    and btw phil if you read this I hope you go out and slaughter them in the pro class and farside the same goes for you. far as I am concerned You 2 guys are 2 of the best jersey has 2 offer. repping the older set and the younger generation.

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