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    have done for BMX in the last 10 years. I figure since there does seem to be some stuff that drags us down on here at times, I would put up a post about the positive things that go on. It also fits in well with the “Brett are you on caffeine?, you’re all over the place”, comment.
    Ok, so a few days ago I was aggravated that someone was threatening DQ’s for riders, now let’s play happy time.
    I’ve been around CJ awhile here’s some things that I’ve seen.
    Vinny implemented an event called a “Lapathon”, what happens is the riders go and get sponsored by their neighbors, friends or relatives for the amount of laps they do on the track. Ya know like…a dollar a lap or whatever, then they have the event and a rider goes 20 laps and gets 20 bucks. Rider gets 5 sponsors, that’s a hundred bucks.
    Through the resourcefulness of events like that and other ways of saving money, CJ was able to accumulate enough cash in the bank to completely redo the entire track, as well as refence it.
    Let’s see…Bill Gillis allowed some maniac (me) to completely redo the website and start making massive updates to it. Basically he trusted me and the updating of BMX sites in NJ began.
    Let’s add to the list.
    I was looking at the redone track today and was remembering all those late night talks with Vinny and Dale about BMX happenings and I just thought to myself, this is sorta his legacy, a revamped and 21st century CJBMX. Yes, lots of people helped but he steered the ship to it’s current location.
    Ok, who else?

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