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    Now that i have your attention. I have no prob with cjbmx, they have given me “a new life”. My issue is, I think we need to band together and get beacon bikes to SUPPORT THE TRACK. Do they not realize the potential that they are sitting on. I have seen at least 3 people go iun their and BUY THEIR KID A BIKE to race on. But one day i went in there. (the offseason) and asked “how is the track” the response “we don’t go back there”

    I was at the work party and i talked to someone who agreed with me. So whatr needs to be done? We have to go in their and “spread the word” Let them know that people want to shop their. It would be nice to have it like it used to be.

    Brett took me to the “IORN MAN” (HINT HINT). The place screamed BMX. I am the first to admit that i do not know everthing, but i do know if you have a shop and a track behind it, ONLY GOOD TINGS CAN HAPPEN! In closing i am not trying to start trouble, JUST MAKE IT BETTER FOR all of us.
    BTW I want to thank all of you who volunteer, after seeing what alot of people do WITH THEIR OWN FREE TIME ON A SUNDAY MORNING. I appreciate EFERYTHING YOU ALL DO.


    MY typing sucks. 😀 😀


    dont they have a beacon bmx team??


    Now that is what mistifies me. I thought they did too, but when the guy inside tells me what he told me, what would you think? If I am wrong someone please correct me.


    Gotta tell you, I have been in there (Beacon) a few times and they at least acted like they had no idea there was a track back there. I thought it was me. Some people wouldnt see an opportunity if you put it in there backyard!


    that shop sells the worst bike stuff.. well.. the worst in my eyes..they need to take all the “made in taiwan”stickers off the head tubes of the bikes.. get quality parts in there.. no more of the “curb dog” crap….build some bikes.. not the completes out of the box.. a custom complete.. yuou can build one that wont cost a grand..maybe 600 tops….thats my opinion anyways


    yes beacon had a team which i and jerry ran for a few years they treated us very well after a few years they just decide not to sponsor a team anymore. ant i can tell you the whole story on beacon and cj bmx but its to much to type in short i dont think that there interested in bmx becuase there is not enough money in it to much nickle and dime stuff road bike and mountain bike complete are over 3000 for 1 complete bike and people pay that no problem plus they have to deal with daNS


    Chill with the CAPS.
    I didn’t know there was shop in front of the track?
    That one place that comes there for the state races is pretty good…
    I remember this shop called Bicycle World that was there they loved BMX…


    AAHHH!!! Bicycle World
    I can still see all those frames & rims hanging up. I loved racing there and spending money at that shop.


    JV Bikes supported Braddock like crazy – yeah it was BITD – but Beacon could learn a lesson from them. Still – BMXers have varied tastes and its hard to know what to carry these days.

    Still – I’m with Ant – we need shop support – and I have started getting the word out there and my two local shops – Marty’s and Cyclecraft – have agreed to put up posters, etc. advertising the races – someone please let me know how to get this stuff.

    I went through Marty’s to order a pair of S&M cruiser bars – pretty much paid the same as if I went online. Ordered some stuff through Rodney at High Gear, same thing. I’ll admit I was using ebay and Dans Comp – but figure I can’t ask for any breaks / perks from my local guy unless I support him first.

    So – before we rant about lack of support – have you tried giving your local shop – or at least the known entities like High Gear – a chance to get what you need? Its a two-way street y’all.


    agree w/ craig on the local bike shop support… most parents would like to go the cheap route and order thru dans. the local shops cant afford to be competitive w/them anymore. bicycle world used to tell the racers to bring the dans ad in from bmx today with the items price on it and they would match that items price if you bought it from them ( it would end up being cheaper as no shipping was necessary) but that was the old days when carol owned the shop.

    if you patronize a local shop for your biking needs you never know sometimes they will suprise you with the team support.( if you get enough team members to go in to buy from them) i know up north jersey its hard to find a shop that even knows what you are talking about as far as bmx race parts go. everything has to be special ordered if they dont get enough calling for it. back a few yrs ago cyclecraft/parsippany was very helpful when we started a state team and they were one of our parts sponsors and gave us a nice discount. they were very willing to advertise races and such but they didnt get much business from it. also bikeland in chatham sponsored our state team a few yrs later we gave them some national trophies as advertizing with some team pics they put up. but it takes more than 1-2 people using the shop. anyone can do this with their local bike shop but it takes some work and it is a 2 way street. they will help you out with discounts but word of mouth for them is all they ask, or maybe helping them out with bike safety day in your town, a mention in an article in the paper, etc. no one knows about bmx racing until you put it out there.


    HELLO IS THIS THING ON im here to support as much as i can I dont own the shop so its not my say how much but as I said I do support and more to come . Know when it comes to mail order i do compete as best as we can and you have to earn a deal the more you buy from us the better the deal plus no shipping charge and in most cases i can hand deliver at the track or the skatepark see if DANS does that. If i had a track behind me it would be on like donkey kong I dont know why they (beacon) dont support but how about asking maybe they see no money in it for them it is a business after all


    THANKYOU bmxmom156 well said


    andy w/ chip and dale is great– i only wish that he was located closer to me , then i would use him all the time– lets face it– a bmx exclusive bike shop?—- has to be in it for love and not money

    i have been spending some time in my local bike shops– neither shop is really too interested in bmx anymore but i’m trying– i have mixed results in both shops– pedelar’s shop doesn’t know much, but seems open to ideas and sells SE, and has not only me, but Todd Lyons in his ear all the time… the other shop, Action Wheels, used to have a strong bmx team, and a couple of people from the team are actually the owners now, but they are pretty uninterested in bmx… they will sit there and chat with me about the old days for a while because we know some of the same people from the team, but that’s about all they are into.

    both shops know that when i come in and ask for something that i already have an idea of what it costs. i usually pay about the same as i would from dans, but like someone else said — they wont support BMX unless BMX supports them..

    long story short– just keep buyiong from the lbs and try to get everyone around you to do the same— stay in thier ear as much as possible… it will take a while , but we may be able to get bike shops back on board


    I think BB’s lease is up soon…any chance High Gear feels like expanding?
    bmxmom, had the line.
    Carol and Bob KNEW WHAT WAS UP.
    They listened to the kids, not the yuppies and the $$, and they did great and also did something bigger than just make $, THEY CHANGED THINGS.
    How many people can honestly say that?
    Get 5 people together, draw up a business plan, and go talk to Carol and Bob and maybe things will change when that lease is up for BB.
    2 weeks ago this place was going nuts because “things are changing” let’s keep up that hectic pace of making things different, new and BETTER.

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