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    The grant that was secured by the RIDERS was meant to be used for what the RIDERS wanted.
    One thing was a PA system. Although it was a struggle at the meeting, the PA system was ok’d. (It should ALREADY have been ok’d as that was one of the reasons that we, the RIDERS, spoke to Rich Carolan about this grant for.)
    Another was promotional material. 10,000 flyers to be given to the many people who were asking for them all year long to bring in new riders. Tyler Pappas himself a young RIDER was already using them, printing them himself to give out and attract new RIDERS. (This was taken out of the grant, but luckily I was able to secure an anonymous donation for these flyers to be made.) There were also to be made 250 state series posters to hang EVERYWHERE, many parents and riders expressed interest in putting these up. I trust they will still be made, though the money is no longer to be taken from the grant, but from whatever is left over that the state “saves” by using the grant money for plates and hoodies. 1,000 bike hangers were also to be made to put on bikes in bike shops, this was also nixed.
    So…everyplace that a new way to get people into BMX was brought forth, it was stopped or severely slowed down.
    Lastly, the remaining amount was to go to offset the cost of the 2007 state awards, what this was meant to be spent on was to be determined by the RIDERS.
    This state organization keeps saying that it is for the RIDERS well,…..
    We now have 620 dollars coming from the grant for a laptop.
    The state still has the issue of “reimbursing” some people for what they do to get to a race to do the job they volunteer for. This will add up in 2007 to over $750 dollars now that TPBMX is part of the series.

    Also, it should be noted that the estimates are in for the PA system and the plates.
    From Sam Ashe as given to us by Dave Kapigian,
    $1818.95, with Dave at the mic and this PA, there WILL be excitement at this years races.
    For 250 state series posters $436.00 dollars from inkchaser.com
    As given to us by Rich Farside,
    140 plates from HRP designs, $1400.00 dollars. (I personally would also like a quote and some designs from JRP, he’s a good guy who deserves to continue making plates for NJ)
    Rich Farside will also have a quote for hoodies or gear bags early this week. Even though this was NOT to be part of the grant, we believe the RIDERS may want a change from hoodies and we are more than willing to ask OPINIONS.
    The RIDERS will be taking control of the grant that the RIDERS brought to the state organization.

    According to a whois lookup of njbmx.org, the registrant name is Jeff Morgan of Visions Infoline. As is the admin and technical information.
    As Jeff has said to me before, he owns njbmx.org.
    I will not argue with that, the man is correct.

    it would seem to me that NJBMX Inc. does not own a domain name. As I am on the promotions committee, I would like to put forth the following for the state organization.
    I have discussed this with a few RIDERS and they are in agreeance.
    The domain name of n-j-bmx.org is available.
    NJBMX should in the RIDERS opinion buy the domain name n-j-bmx.org so that the state then owns it’s OWN website name that it may do with as it pleases.
    Since njbmx.org is apparently according to a lookup of the domain name not part of njbmx, I can only assume that any information posted on there is not officially njbmx news but instead is just news culled from various sources just like this site.
    Which would make sense since I have been removed from the forum there even though I am on 2 committees for njbmx.
    I have also acquired a company that will give njbmx free business domain hosting for life since they are a 501c3 corporation.
    I will put the web address below for anyone to peruse it.
    And I ask that any web gurus and I KNOW that more than a few of my friends here know a lot about the net take a look at the service and see if it is worth it. (It is, but I value peoples opinions)

    Now, I KNOW that everyone finds out what is posted on this site as it is the leading voice of change for BMX in this area.
    What I have just posted is the truth.
    Would anyone care to call me? Or perhaps just post right here out in the OPEN what you feel.
    So far only one track director in the state series comes on here and talks to the RIDERS.
    That is Glenn Knapper of Pottstown.

    I would think that the rest of the track directors involved with njbmx would follow this mans example.
    Since it is the right one.


    Site hosting.
    Glenn, any chance your web guy could give me a hand with his opinion on this?

    The company is here:
    The non-profit deal is here:


    As far as the money they pay out to Janneen, it was explained as supplies. Again, that should be done through re-imbursement with reciepts, not an up front payment. As far as the rest, spot on dude. No one ever explained what materials the referee needed either, that should be a good one. Striped shirt, and whistle?


    Thanks for the thought about the plates…..it’s been real making them the last couple of years for NJ Riders… If Rich wants a bid, I’d be glad to give him one…… HRP makes a good custom plate…..we just use different styles/materials….


    I’ve got a bunch of Rob’s plates, they rock!


    the custom plates are real nice and reasonable too. he takes into consideration any design the rider wants and its def one of a kind.


    It should be note that Stu and Rob are riders themselves, which is probably why they do not take things personally.

    I want some honest opinions on what I have just layed out here.
    You should also be TELLING your track reps what you would like to see done so that it can be VOTED on.


    well.. while we are on the topics of plates for the state, i know it would be an extra step in the process but they should ask or what not if the riders would like to get a mini plate, yeah im not a little kid but im not trying to be a motorcop either with that megaplate on my bars, just my 2cents, and BTW, does jeff morgan race/ post here/ still show his face at bmx races ? because im in the process of redoing EHTBMX.org and i need to talk to him before i even put any more energy into it…… later, TyyK303


    Good idea bro,
    and as to question 2.
    We’re working on it.
    Check my other post.
    This is why it is IMPORTANT to hold the website info for tracks,
    CJ has ours because I FOUGHT for it from some individuals over the summer.
    Be that as it may,
    I notice that the pre-reg form for the Jack Frost is on the eht website, which tells me that someone has the ability to ftp to the site. Les also told me he updates the site when he gets the chance. Which means he has the upload info for ehtbmx.org.
    Also since the name servers are the same as hc, nj and cj and I know that morgan has hc and nj and cj is also through his company, I would say that Jeff also has something to do with eht in so far as where the site is hosted.


    All I can say is, I am glad that NJ is willing to put out the extra effort to do custom plates for the state series…….now a days I think all the series plates should be custom….. Us riders fork out some serious scratch to race these series (National/State) we should get custom awards that make them worth the effort…… I’m really get tired of getting stamped out plates from the NBL/ABA for my year end awards….. That is another reason I started making plates….

    Stu from HRP is good people…..him and I got a chance to meet last year at Rockford…..we have respect for each other, so it’s all good….


    I agree with Brett 1000% on the promotion idea. You can have the best of everything, but if knowone knows about/ shows up for the races, its a moot point. That is why I will continue to fight for those $$ going to promotions. Like I said before, if you were at the meeting, you know what and why the grant was proposed the way it was. I wish I would have had specifics on the promotional materials, but it was not available to me or (I assume) anyone else there. (pecial thanks to Brett for all that he has done to get what he has so far). Contact your track reps to insure that it will happen. (Will have it up soon)


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