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    First off we all know that if the former owners of the bike shop had still been there, this event would not have been as good as it was. The shop was open at 7 am (this is what i was told). I have not been around that long, but it felt good to go into a shop that supports a major bmx event. Unlike last year, and the fact that they still let andy from Chip n Dale sell stuff while they have a full service shop say’s alot.

    Even though i am a sponsored by another shop I believe in supporting ALL THE SHOP’S that support BMX. The crammer’s make you feel welcome. (even though big scotty loves to bust my chop’s_but hey so do all of you. )

    I just wanna say thanx.


    The best part is that it shows that it is the owner/managers that count. Some of the same people were there, but seem to be alot more ‘tolerant’ of us lousy bmxers! I tend to shop mail order, because shops generally suck (sorry Rodney,not so much yours), but was happy to buy helmets, pads etc.

    Thanks Cranmers!


    What is the gents name who is the mechanic there? He is the continuity of that shop.




    bill has been there from the beginning of time… he is the plastic surgeon of bmx..there is nothing he cant fix!


    OK i want double d handlebars and lipo my stem and HAHAHA!!!

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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